to my Diet Blog....
  This is my long awaited diet program.
Here, day by day I will propose and follow concepts of my  Diet 1, an idea I have been working on for many years.

  The Beatles years ago sang "When I'm 64", and now that I am, it's time to get some of my act together.
   I invite you to join me on this year long adventure, as I endeavor to change life long habits that have left me over weight, slow, and tired. And I welcome your participation and input. Adventures are always more fun, and more successful in numbers.

  1 year from now I will be 20-30 lbs lighter, and back to doing some of the things I have slowly given up over the years, as age and weight have conspired to nibble away at a very long list of hopes, dreams and schemes. 

    Unlike my other blogs, I'll be posting daily, advice, ideas, and updates on my own progress, .
I am not a dietitian, doctor, or any kind of expert on health.
I'm just one guy doing what I think will work for me.
If you like what you read, Thanks, but anything you do is your responsibility.
Any thing you read on the net, should always be taken with caution.

Day 1: What is the Diet 1 anyway?

Nov.17, 2015  Steps 6133

  This is it, the first day of my Diet 1.
So what is it exactly?

  As the name implies, it means 1 (one). Along with a host of other dieting tricks, the focus is to start limiting your food intake to 1.
1 bite
1 serving
1 drink
1 sandwich, etc.

  This is not the usual starvation or crash diet, but is designed to change eating, exercise and other lifestyle habits , SLOWLY, over a 1 year stretch.
Starting now I will simply begin to consider my habits, 1 by 1, and make changes slowly.

  When I sit down to eat, I might take only 1 scoop of mashed potatoes, or 1 chicken leg.
At the local fast food stop, I'll think of the number 1, and get 1 burger instead of the usual 2.

  When I've got that bowl of chips or popcorn in my lap, I might think for a moment and just pop one or two in my mouth, instead of the usual handful.

  The idea is to "THINK" about what I am used to doing out of habit, and very slowly, make small changes that I can handle with out back sliding, as happens with most diets.

Later on as it becomes Normal, I take the next step. Like cutting out certain foods, places to eat, and other habits that got me where I am today.

1 by 1 I will first consider, then change the way I am. In 1 year from now I will look back and be shocked at the person I was. And I hope you'll be right there with me.


Diet 1 Journal


Yes folks, a Journal. A daily record of your goals, your triumphs and your failures in this 12 month Diet 1 challenge.

It's not just a record of how you are doing, it's a tool to keep you doing it.

As you've probably heard 1000 times, projects and goals not written down are seldom accomplished. How many times have you needed something at the store, but when you got there, you couldn't remember what it was.
Well, Diet 1 is something you have to remember for the next year, and hopefully the rest of your life. So take notes.

It doesn't have to be a detailed list of every bit of food you eat, or how many calories you burned. Just simple notes on how it went that day, and what you want to accomplish.

This blog is a good example. It's my journal, and it's a quick reference of ideas, goals, things I’ve done, and things I didn't.
Day by day, it's a reminder of where I’ve been, and where I plan to go.

1 rule for your Diet 1 journal...
Always end the day on a positive note! Your last lines in the journal should always be upbeat.
A goal you met that day, no matter how small, or goal you are planning for the next.
Those last few lines will always be your personal cheering squad, pushing you forward 1 day at a time!

1 bite, water and exercise. 1 day at a time !


Day 2: Document the Start

Nov.18, 2015  
Steps 3844

  Time to get some info:
You should do this just for the record, but it can also be helpful in the future.
And it will be a nice reference as you look back a year from now.

My weight: 204 lbs/92.5 kg
  According to the many formulas out there, my ideal weight should be between 125/56.5 kg and 170 lbs/77 kg
I'm setting my sights on the later. 170 lbs / 77 kg.  I think 125/56.5 kg would be a bit skeletal...
This is me in 2012, and I still haven't given birth....

My age: 64, that's 12 in cat years.

My ailments, aches n pains, etc.
  about 30 % of joints have some pain.
Right hip, getting severe.
Right foot developing some numbness in toes.
Shortness of breath most of the time. To many years working with crap and no mask.
About 30-40% loss of flexibility. This like the joint paint is worst in morning and after sitting to long. 
Short term memory is getting shorter. Now what was I talking about?

Eyes have gone from 20/20 to no clear vision with out glasses. In bright sun, I have fairly clear vision at distances. Light and Dark contrast getting worse. 

  This may sound scary to you younger folks, but I'm still in pretty good shape for 64.
I'm one of the few folks in my age group that is still not taking any prescription meds, though I've been offered lots.
I do have a very high tolerance for pain, and oddly, a high tolerance for pain killers.
But these are my stats, and like your own, we'll watch them change over the coming months.

Day 329 : Sunday

Countdown Day 40

steps 8383
weight 184

Breakfast –
Lunch – 2 eggs, sausage, peanut butter
Dinner – one half ham and cheese sandwich, small salad and role
Snacks – ice cream, small muffin

Up at 5:30 am, and fed cats.

Down a pound from yesterday, walking help and I'm gonna walk to the hospital again today, even though the hips a little sore from yesterday.

I walked in the morning, but drove to the hospital in the evening.
I spent most of today just hibernating. Mostly glued to the computer, bidding on broken phones. I want to upgrade to a Samsung GS 5 for the better camera, but they are still about 200 bucks new. I got 2 off eBay with cracked screens for $75. I can use one as is, while I hunt for a bad phone with a good screen to switch out parts.

Can our hero, hit that 170 pound mark?

Stay tuned for more adventures of Fat Boy!

40 days

1 bite at a time, and 1 day at a time!

Day 328 : Saturday

Countdown Day 41

steps 9200
weight 185

Breakfast –
Lunch – sausage and egg
Dinner – one half tuna sandwich
Snacks – ice cream, cookies, nuts, apple

Up at 6 am and going back down on the scale.
Next weigh in at the VA is Thursday, and I want to show 180 pounds or less.

I spent most of the day on the couch or visiting Gina. Read a book.
It rained in the morning, so I decided to blow off work under the deck.

I did manage to slow down on the snacking, and actually walked to the hospital for Gina's evening visit, just over a mile each way.

Can our hero, hit that 170 pound mark?

Stay tuned for more adventures of Fat Boy!

41 days

1 bite at a time, and 1 day at a time!

Day 327 : Friday

Countdown Day 42

steps 4719
weight 186

Breakfast – sausage and egg
Lunch – 2 bowls of noodles
Dinner –
Snacks – ice cream, cookies, one half apple

Up at 3 am. Pippi got me up and I was still aggravated about yesterday, so I was up for the day.

I picked up another pound yesterday, not good. I've been using Gina's problems and other things, as an excuse to ignore Diet 1. Luckily, after almost 11 months, many parts of Diet 1 are habit, including, thinking about it. So even when I'm out of control on the food front, there are still some things holding the line, at least a little bit.

Most of the problem is just procrastination, putting it all off to the last second. I'm now to the point that I have to lose 3 pounds a week, right up to the end, to hit my 170 pound mark. Ignore the fact that if I'd done that, at beginning, Diet 1 would have hit its goal in 3 months instead of 12.
But I have to remind myself that the long stretch was to the change behavior, not just chop a lot of weight. Any crash diet could drop 30 pounds in a few months, or even a few weeks, but they would not change the habits that put that extra weight on, and will allow it to come back.

Following Diet 1 for a year, makes many of it's diet rules part of your life.

I spent most of today working under the deck, removing sheeting and Styrofoam installation, so I can install hot water lines to heat the floor. I need to get it done before the weather really turns to shit.

Can our hero, hit that 170 pound mark?

Stay tuned for more adventures of Fat Boy!

42 days

1 bite at a time, and 1 day at a time!